English Classes in Los Angeles

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It’s time to start learning English the easy, fast affordable way! Partner up with ECI in Los Angeles to learn how you can advance your English skills the hassle free way. At ECI our small class sizes, fully certified Native English speaking teachers and innovative techniques ensure our students are at the top of their game.

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English Classes That Cater to You in Los Angeles

Here’s what ECI promises for you in LA: no matter your busy schedule or other pressing demands, we’ll create a customized learning program for you. Don’t bother signing up with one of those language schools that force you to work around their schedule, you just tell us what works best for you and leave the hard work to ECI.

Whether life, school, work or home has got your schedule fully loaded in LA, let’s work together to get your English language skills on track. After all, it’s your future!

Business English Classes in Los Angeles

Even if you’re English skills are up to par should you want a job in the corporate world, speaking the lingo is essential.

Why not invest in yourself by taking a business English course in Los Angeles? These courses are led by certified Native English instructors who have years of experience navigating the English speaking business world.

You can expect the following from our business English courses in Los Angeles:

  • Learn important business English lingo
  • Craft your very own business English email and letter
  • Give a presentation in English to the class
  • Find out business culture practices in the English speaking corporate world
  • Receive a lecture from a business HR professional located in Los Angeles

The ECI Difference in Los Angeles

At ECI we pride ourselves on doing things differently. No boring English course books here, no underqualified teachers lecturing to packed rooms. Instead, you’ll receive only the best English instruction in Los Angeles. We’ve formulated an innovative approach to English language learning that doesn’t simply follow all those old textbook rules.

Essentially, we’ve thrown out the textbook in favor of a method that prizes individual progression fostered in an environment geared for success. In our Los Angeles classrooms, you’ll find students from across the spectrum: wives, professionals, students who are all eager to do one thing: speak English and speak it with fluency!

In the same classrooms, you’ll find fully qualified Native English speaking teachers who are inspiring their pupils imaginations each and every single day. Our teachers certainly have their English teaching certifications, but that’s not what singles them out: it’s their passion for language and guiding their students toward fluency.

Why don’t you find out for yourself why so many students choose The ECI method? Give us a call or send a quick email to get started on your own path to speaking English with ease!