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All About Our English Teachers

At ECI we wholeheartedly believe that you can only truly learn English in a customized learning environment with Native English speaker proficient instructors. Many of our teachers hail from all over the Anglophone world: the U.S, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Ireland and beyond. We also employee a number of English teachers who have been fully immersed in the language and have demonstrated Native English fluency so they can pass their superior knowledge on to you.

The ECI method promises that our instructors will have qualified and highly-relevant degrees to ensure that only the best of the best are in charge of your learning experience. Because our method isn’t rigid and rote, we seek instructors with a wide-range of qualified degrees because we believe that good teachers come from all walks of life and experiences.

If you’re interested in taking one of our business or online courses, you can be assured that your English instructor will be fully certified in teaching corporate English or working with students in an online setting.

At ECI, we believe classroom harmony is an essential element of any successful learning environment. Therefore, we strive to ensure that each student-teacher bond is a positive one. Should you find that your classroom environment or English teacher isn’t the perfect match, we’ll find a suitable English course replacement at no additional cost to you.