English Classes in New York

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If you live in the New York or the Tri-State areas and are anxious to learn English, then ECI has a solution right in your neighborhood. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced English speaker, we have a learning option that will suit your needs perfectly.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll arrange an English assessment test, and set you up with a fully certified Native English speaking teacher who will tutor you on your schedule.

English Classes That Cater to You in New York

Whatever your schedule and however you prefer to learn, ECI is here for you in New York City. You specify when you want to take classes, whether you would like to learn in a one-on-one or group environment and we’ll be happy to do the rest.

If you have one of those crazy busy New York lifestyles, then never fear because we can teach you English on your schedule with as little hassle as possible. If you’re living in the Big Apple, then give us a call today because you’ll certainly need to put your English to use while living, working or traveling in New York!

Business English Classes in New York

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but it’s also filled with businesses, corporations and other enterprises that are constantly seeking multi-lingual employees. If you want to improve your English for the workplace, then enroll in one of our NYC business English courses today.

We’ll set you up with a fully-certified business English teacher who will not only teach you the language, but will also introduce you to the common practices of the English-speaking business world. You can also rest assured that our roster of business English instructors have worked in the corporate world and are fully trained in passing on their knowledge to you.

Here is just a sampling of some of the essential skills you’ll pick up in one of our business English courses in New York:

  • Learn how to correspond in business English via traditional letter and over email
  • Find out about English language cultural norms in the business community
  • Learn how to make a presentation in English
  • Discover the most used business English phrases for correspondence
  • Receive a presentation from a leading NYC Human Resources manager that hires multi-lingual employees

The ECI Difference in New York

At ECI we threw out the traditional rule book and created our own brand of language learning success. The ECI method is a unique synthesis of time-tested practices and revolutionary new approaches to learning English.

Instead of moving at the snail’s pace of one of those traditional learning schools or handing you a language CD and walking away, ECI utilizes a unique method so you can learn English in no time at all! If you can’t take a few months off to live in the U.S., UK or another English speaking country then ring up the New York branch of ECI today so you can be on your way to fast English fluency.