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If passion for the English language, a relevant degree and a desire to help others advance are all on your resume, then ECI is looking for you! We’re always on the hunt for Native English speakers with teaching qualifications to join our team and help take it to the next level.

The beauty of ECI? We’re located in most major U.S. cities so you can be assured that there’s probably an English teaching opportunity at a location near you.

If you’ve already secured the proper certification, then please send us your resume ASAP! If you’re a talented Native English speaker searching for a way to enter the profession then ECI will be happy to help point you in the right direction.

The two most important traits in our English teachers are commitment and flexibility. Committed instructors motivate and inspire students and create an English course worth attending.

Since tailored English courses are what we specialize in, It’s vital that our teachers are flexible enough to truly cater to student’s special learning needs. Keep this in mind: we’re only happy when our students are happy – talented English teachers like yourself offer the easiest way to insure that!

Please, send us your CV to . Thank you!