Business English Courses

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Learn English for Work!

When we say we cater to your particular business English needs, we mean it! Whether you’re a professional who simply wants to brush up on your English for your annual conference, or a dedicated business person who needs top-notch English for everyday success, ECI is here for you.

How it's done

It’s this simple: we send a Native English speaker to your place of business who works with you on a customized business English program. And don’t let the phrase “business English” fool you.

While many other English courses may simply teach you a few introductory business English phrases while collecting payment and heading for the door, ECI prides itself on operating a bit differently.

Our method ensures that you’ll be able to converse in fluent English at work, at home or at play. We’ll not only introduce you to the English language but to the particular cultural landscape that dominates the English speaking business world.

You’ll learn essential language functions like preparing English presentations, conducting meetings in English and writing emails and letters for everyday success. You’ll learn from qualified Native English teachers who have experience in both the classroom and the boardroom to ensure that your business English course leaves no stone unturned.

Business English That Suits Your Needs

At ECI you won’t find any rigid rules that govern how you should learn the language. Instead, we tailor our business English courses to your specific needs. Work better one-on-one? We’ve got you covered. Stimulated by learning English in a group environment at work? No problem! Whatever your specific learning needs, we’ll be happy to create a business English course that works best for you.

Calling all HR Professionals

If you’re searching for one way to increase employee satisfaction then investing in their English advancement offers one easy route. Trust us: this benefit will aide in both in your recruitment of new candidates and your retaining of existing employees.