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English for Academic Purposes and More: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS

At ECI we take language learning seriously. That’s why we’ve partnered with the world’s leading testing organizations to ensure our English language courses accurately prepare our students for life, work and school – anywhere, really! See below for more information on these essential English language testing options.


If you’re an eager student seeking admission to one of the many English speaking schools or universities around the world, then taking the TOEFL should definitely be a part of your game plan.

TOEFL is the most widely recognized test and is accepted at thousands of schools and agencies around the globe, TOEFL scores are relied on by these bodies to make their admission decisions, so you’ll probably have to take the test as a requirement of your application.

TOEFL test sites are located around the world (there’s even an online option!) and only require one day of testing. The ECI method ensures that our students are adequately prepared to score highly on the academic centric questions on the test. And here’s one bonus: all that in class English speaking will certainly help you on the interview portion of your TOEFL exam!

For more information, please visit the TOEFL site.


For all of our tremendously busy business English students, the TOEIC provides the perfect opportunity to illustrate your English proficiency qualifications for the corporate world. TOEIC is used by thousands of English speaking companies around the world to assess potential employees English skills.

ECI ensures that our business English courses across the country offer rigorous training that will help you score highly on the workplace related questions on the TOEIC exam. Rest assured that each day of your ECI business English course will be bringing you one step closer to success on your TOEIC exam!

To learn more, please see the TOEIC site.


For those organizations or institutions that don’t accept the TOEFL, or if you’d simply like to get a “second opinion” on your English skills, IELTS offers a viable alternative. Owned jointly by the British Council, IDP Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL, this test measures both your academic and general English proficiency. With the IELTS, you receive a score for the test at large and an individual assessment score based on your English language skills.

For more info, you can visit the IELTS site.