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Learn English Online from Around the Globe

If there’s one thing that ECI champions, it’s your ability to learn English in the manner that best suits you. Why not sign-up for one of our online English courses today. You’ll find out how easy it is to learn the English language without leaving your couch, desk or any of the other comforts of home!

A Tailored Online English Module

You read that right: our online English course includes a customized program created with your needs in mind. Just because you’re learning English online, doesn’t mean you’ll be disconnected from all the benefits of a normal course environment. With ECI you’ll still have a teacher dedicated to your progression in the course to ensure success.

Initially, we’ll reach out to you via mail with your English course packet so you can start working closely with your Native English speaking teacher to improve your English. From there, the course will meet via Skype and videoconference to ensure virtual face to face interaction and engagement.

As always, you can choose to take the English course in a one-on-one format or in a group setting. Rest assured that our online English tutors are trained in providing instruction via the Internet and use proven techniques to allow for your advancement and engagement in the program.

The Benefits of Learning English Online

  • Learn English online from anywhere
  • Fully customized online course structure
  • Learn from your own dedicated Native English speaker teacher
  • Choose from one-on-one or group setting instruction
  • Progress at your own rate
  • Progress at your own rate