English Classes in Chicago

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This one’s a no brainer! At ECI we believe that Investing in yourself and your future will reap benefits in both your professional and personal life. And if that doesn’t convince you, consider the numbers: English is the world’s language and is spoken by billions of people the globe over.

Whether you land in Lima for work, travel to Barcelona for pleasure or end up in Shanghai for your studies, having the English language at your disposal will prove invaluable time and again. Why not start learning English in Chicago today!

English Classes That Cater to You in Chicago

Are you living or working in Chicago and anxious to increase your English language knowledge? If you answered yes to this question, then contact ECI today! Our hassle-free English courses take place all over The Windy City and were created with your busy schedule in mind. At ECI, when we say we cater to you, we truly mean it. Need evening or weekend English classes in Chicago? No problem!

Prefer to have one of our fully certified English teachers come to you? We’ll take care of that! Whatever your request, at ECI Chicago we’re happy to arrange a solution to ensure your English learning needs are fully met.

Business English Classes in Chicago

The reality of finding a stable, income-steady job in Chicago is pretty clear: you must command the English language confidently to land your dream job. Whether you work for a corporation or own a business, think about investing in yourself or your employees by signing up for a business English course in Chicago.

In this competitive job market, every advantage counts and being able to communicate fluently in English will certainly increase your prospects. Why not contact ECI Chicago to find out more today?

Here are a few essentials you’ll learn when taking an ECI course in Chicago:

  • Learn the most frequently used business English phrases
  • Discover how to craft letters and emails in English
  • Make your own presentation in English
  • Receive a presentation from a Chicago based HR manager who has hired multi-lingual candidates

The ECI Difference in Chicago

The ECI method is one that thousands of students are sure to love! Our method was created from the ground up to ensure that students thrive and learn English successfully.

Instead of only following all of the old traditionally stuffy English course methods, we chartered a new path that combines time honored teaching methods with some new, fresh perspectives from our staff of fully certified language lover experts.

When you attend one our English courses in Chicago you’ll be struck by how wonderfully innovative and fast-paced the course structure is. Our courses value student needs first, and this is evidenced by the fact that we work with your schedule and match you with a fully certified English teacher to ensure you learn the language with ease.

Contact ECI today so you can experience our fresh take on English language learning now!