English Classes in Houston

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Learning English doesn’t have to be difficult or overly expensive. With a little dedication and time, ECI will ensure that all of you eager students in the Houston area acquire the language with ease and little hassle.

Whether you’re just starting out with the language or have some experience, we have an English course option in Houston to suit your needs. Get in contact with ECI today to improve your English on paper and in person!

English Classes That Cater to You in Houston

Ask any of our students at the many ECI locations around the country and you’re sure to hear one theme emerge: this language school takes care of its own! Our students are our top priority because we take pride in ushering them to full English fluency with little hassle at an affordable rate. But that’s not all, folks! English students in Houston can rest assured that we’ll work on their schedules according to their specific learning needs.

Having a hectic full-time job that only gives you free time after work? No worries – we’ll find the appropriate evening or weekend English course to fit your requirements. Heard recommendations about one of our fully certified Native English speaking teachers? Great – we’ll ensure that you’re set up with an English trainer who will encourage and set you up for success.

Business English Classes in Houston

If learning English for the workplace is your top priority then it’s time to look into a business English course in Houston ASAP. ECI will give you all the tools you need to achieve proficiency in the language of global business.

Whether you have a business meeting in Argentina, or a deal in Paris you’ll need business English when speaking your mother tongue is not an option. C’mon down to find out about the ECI difference now!

Our business English courses in Houston include these must haves:

  • Learn essential business English phrases
  • Discover English business culture practices so you can easily fit in
  • Create your own presentation in English
  • Find out about the communication norms surrounding business English emails and letters
  • Get a personal presentation from a Houston based HR professional looking for English speaking candidates

The ECI Difference in Houston

When you become an ECI student, you are wholeheartedly welcomed into the Houston fold. At ECI we consider ourselves a family of language lovers. Therefore, we are dedicated to your success at every turn. Instead of picking up the practices of all those boring language courses, we created our own tailor made English courses to ensure that our students learn the very best.

Our method involves melding time honored language learning practices with our own brand of English course excellence. The result is an English course experience in Houston that’s unrivaled in its depth and dedication to student success.

When you sign on to one of our courses you can be assured that your fully certified Native English teacher will usher you over the threshold to full English language proficiency. There you have it – the ECI method explained!