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English on Your Time at Your Pace

Whether you want to learn English for a short trip to the United States, to advance in your studies at university or to simply add another language to your skill set, ECI offers a solution tailored just for your needs.

A Global Language

If English is the world’s language, then it would certainly behoove you to pick up this essential tongue and make it your own ASAP! After learning English with our team, you can travel the world from Maine to Mexico to Madrid with the knowledge that you’ll be able to rely on your English language skills should your mother tongue let you down. English is the language of the world traveler!

Teachers You Can Trust

Of the many promises that ECI makes, here’s one you should never forget: our Native English teachers are fully trained and certified to teach English to non-native speakers like yourself. What does that assure? Essentially, our English trainers are the best in the business. Instead of focusing on strict rule books, they combine established teaching methodologies with fresh perspectives to ensure your English learning experience is geared for success.

A System Created for You

At ECI we know our method works because it combines flexibility and time-honored language teaching practices. Instead of simply handing you a course book and CD, we designed a specific lesson plan that takes your English learning needs into account beforehand. This ensures you receive the course framework you deserve and allows us all at ECI to sleep easy at night! And what’s more: our Native English teachers are available for you in most major U.S. cities right now.