We have access to numerous translation devices, with new designs continually being released. There are Internet translation sites, and many companies’ websites have built in translations in various languages. There are handheld translation devices where you can type in the words for an instant text translation, and there are many innovative hi-tech devices that allow you to hear or see translations in real time. But with all of these systems at our fingertips, occasionally the resulting phrases don’t quite translate how they were originally intended to and produce some fairly amusing translations. Chinese translations into the English language are perhaps the funniest. Known for their literal way of thinking, their translations often reflect this.


Lost in Translation

Some well-known signs that have been translated from Chinese to English are:


Little grass has life, please watch your step. (Keep off the grass).

Deformed man toilet. (Disabled toilet).

Hand grenade. (Fire extinguisher).

Slip and fall down carefully. (Be careful not to slip and fall).

Execution in progress. (Construction in progress).

Beware of missing foot. (Watch your step).

Please don’t touch yourself, let us help you to try out. (Please do not touch. We’ll help you try it on).


What translation devices, apps or websites have you used and how accurate do you think they are? What amusing translations have you come across?