Travelling everyday was the best part of Roberto’s job and the main reason he applied to the logistics firm in the first place. His job consisted of collecting packages from the distribution warehouse and delivering them across the United States in his truck. He´d start his journey at the warehouse near his home to collect the packages that were ready for transportation, then he´d enjoy a long drive to the first delivery address where he would ensure the customer was happy with the condition of their package, the timely delivery and general service before asking them to sign for their goods. Then, off he´d go again on the next leg of his journey to drop off the next package. The trips took him all over the States so he constantly saw fresh scenery and met new people.

Before being considered for an interview at the logistics firm, Roberto had had to confirm that he could speak and understand a certain level of English. Although most of his time was spent in his truck, he also had to help with the co-ordination process of the packages at the warehouse, he had to be able to interpret any special instructions left by the customers for delivery of their items, and had to be able to communicate effectively with the customers upon delivery. As English is the common language spoken across the US, it was essential that had a sufficient grasp of the language.

Having passed the interview stage, Roberto had enjoyed many trips in his truck and had settled easily into his job. He did, however, struggle slightly with the different dialects and colloquialisms from state to state. Some customers also had a tendency to be more technical in the way they conversed with him about their goods, and occasionally he found some of the words or phrases to be unfamiliar. So, to ensure he kept his employers happy and his good reputation with the customers intact, he enrolled in some private English language lessons to help iron out the slight difficulties he had come across.

Roberto wanted to ensure he could deliver an all-round good service with timely transportation and good communication, not just the delivery of packages.