In response to an increasing demand from young millennials in the US, particularly those of Hispanic origin, Univision (the Spanish-language programming powerhouse) and ABC News have collaborated in a joint venture to form their new English-language network, Fusion.

Responding to the Requests of a Young Audience

The key feature of Fusion is that the content will be entirely in English and will deliver unique content to young people in a fresh way, including news and information, humour and pop culture. Switching easily between English and Spanish, US Latinos have often stated a preference to be informed and entertained in English. Young Latinos in particular have stated that that want access to more media in English and that current English-language sources often don’t directly include news items regarding the Latino population. With 20% of the millennial demographic (18 to 34 years of age) being Hispanic, the new network is aiming to fulfil that need, not necessarily by targeting them specifically, but by including them as a core part of their audience and giving them diverse and enjoyable content.

Keeping It Fresh At Fusion

As the creators of Fusion are aware, they need to keep the tech-savvy network fresh and up-to-date in order to entice their target audience away from other digital resources and spend time watching the television channel, but made sure that they began their online presence last year, before Fusion even had its name, and will continue to increase their online coverage. The 24-hour news and entertainment channel was launched in 20 million homes last week. So, as yet, it’s far too early to tell how successful this network will be but, with a high demand and a lack of competition, things are looking good for Fusion.

Have you seen Fusion yet? How far do you think it goes to meet the needs of its audience?