Have you ever just had the urge to ‘up sticks’ and move abroad? To go somewhere totally different to start a new life, or maybe to continue your current lifestyle but in a much more palatable climate and with more preferable surroundings? Many fantasize about living in another country but, when it comes to the crunch, they just can´t make the leap.

Family ties and friends are obvious reasons but many people are scared of leaving behind the familiarity of their work and home life without having the security of everything they know. How will they find work? How will they make friends? What if they get there and it´s just not for them after all? But the most common factor that puts people off pursuing their dream of living abroad is the language barrier. Fear of not being understood, of being unable to learn the language and get by in everyday situations. Moving abroad nowadays is so common and there are so many opportunities to learn foreign languages that there really is no need to give up your aspirations because of a barrier that really doesn´t exist.

Millions of immigrants flock to the United States of America in the hope of ‘living the dream’ and having a brighter future. But while their hopes and dreams are all well and good, they´re also facing the daunting prospect of finding somewhere to live, finding employment, dealing with the red-tape and generally getting by in a country where they don´t necessarily speak the language. The US is so vast and so diverse that the amount of resources available to immigrants is phenomenal. Many government offices, societies, companies, charities, centres and support groups exist specifically with the purpose of helping and guiding immigrants into how best to integrate into society. Help with visas, housing, employment, and medical care, as well as general day-to-day assistance is available for all nationalities. Not forgetting, of course, help with learning the English language. Countless facilities are available to aid immigrants with learning the English language and, once the basics are underway, the vocabulary soon builds up helping with a smooth transition into their new life and a seamless integration into the US society.

Moving abroad is exciting and opens up a whole new set of opportunities and possibilities; so don´t be put off from fulfilling your dream when it´s as simple as learning your ‘A, B, Cs’!