At the end of every year, newspapers look back at the words that were either coined or gained prominence during the year and compile a ‘words of the year’ list. These lists are usually a fascinating exercise in recalling thrilling achievements and recording historical events.  This year the words ‘YOLO’ and ‘Gangnam style’ appeared on most of these lists. This either means we achieved very little this year or the people that write these lists are actually reporters for tabloid magazines. Luckily Charlie Brooker has offered up his own version of a ‘words of 2012′ list, coining words at a rate that Shakespeare and Dante would be envious of. Below are a few of my favourites:

Chadult Movies (chah-dult moo-veez) noun. Big-budget motion pictures featuring children’s characters and infantile themes that are nevertheless popular with adults on account of either their quasi-ironic appeal (Marvel Avengers) or dark and pretentious stylings (The Dark Knight Rises).

Freedom of Screech (freedumb ov screech) noun. The democratic right of any internet user to say whatever they like, as obnoxiously as they possibly can, to absolutely anyone at any time, without the slightest reproach or recrimination.

Yoloneliness (yolo-nl-ee-ness) noun. 1. The powerful sense of isolation a bewildered 21st century idiot attempts to stave off by bragging about his or her witless exploits on social networks, accompanying each boast with a modish hashtag. 2. Angst experienced after losing all of one’s friends following a protracted bout of online braggadocio, often enhanced by the grim, slowly-dawning realisation that the maxim “you only live once” works equally well as a warning against such hubristic carelessness, so maybe you should’ve frigging well heeded it eh #yolo.

This year I much prefer Charlie’s word list.

[via: The Guardian]