There is no end to the ways you can practise your English language skills when visiting the city of London. With so much to see and do you’ll be spoilt for choice, so we’ve narrowed it down for you with these 4 top attractions in the capital city.


Maze1. Hampton Court Maze

How can you practise your directions? You could ask the way to a nearby restaurant or shop. But why not make things a bit more interesting? How about getting lost in the famous Hampton Court Maze! Don’t be fooled by its appearance…you may think it looks easy but it’s much trickier than it seems. If your directions are not up to scratch then they soon will be, otherwise you’re in for a long stretch while you try to find your way back out of it. You could be lost in there for hours!


2. Big Ben

You can see just how long you were lost in the maze by taking a look at the clock face on the iconic Big Ben! Standing at the end of the Houses of Parliament, the clock face is set at the top of the Elizabeth Tower. Gaze up at it and practise saying different times out loud and count the chimes as they ring. Continuing with the numbers theme, take a tour of Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower while you’re there. You can count each of the 334 steps up to the belfry and, if you’re feeling really enthusiastic, the 399 steps leading up to the lantern.


3. Madame Tussauds

See the stars up close, hop into a black cab to take a drive through the history of London, and enjoy a 4D experience. But more importantly, practise your language skills while you’re there! There’s no end to the topics you can cover in this waxworks museum. From hair and eye colours to parts of the body to types of clothing, there is a lot of scope for your language revision.


Photo by Jeherv

Photo by Jeherv

4. Carnaby Street   

While visiting London, you’ll want to grab some souvenirs and gifts to take back home with you, so what better place to find them than in Carnaby Street? Wander around the stalls, boutiques and shops and take advantage of the shopkeepers’ friendly natures by practising your shopping skills. When you’re all shopped out, enjoy lunch in a local eatery and brush up on your conversational skills about food and drink.


There’s certainly a lot to talk about in this city! What other London attractions can you think of to help you practise your English language skills?